Advanced Health Center
46 South Glebe Road, Suite 100
Arlington, VA 22204
Tel: (703) 521-0644
Fax: (703) 521-9413
Advanced Health Center is located at the intersection of Glebe Road and Arlington Blvd.(RT50) in Arlington, VA. Just 3 miles from Washington DC and on a metro stop
Why choose Advanced Health Center? Because we are on your side, and we care. Our approach is to be approachable. Human. We want you to be healthy.

What do our patients say about us?

"Looking for extraordinary health care?
Treatment that is most effective, affordable, accessible and performed by warm-hearted, dedicated professionals with a sense of humor? Look no further--the Advanced Health Center is it!

I feel immensely grateful for having found this treasure of a practice: easily accessible on South Glebe Road, this center has served the Arlington and D.C. area for over 20 years with great success and dedication. After having gone through a few acupuncturists for treatment of a chronic illness, I was disillusioned, the healing of the patient never seemed to stand in the foreground. Instead, making money was clearly most on the agenda and, although acupuncture clearly worked for me and remained my preferred method of treatment, I was longing to find a practice that would put healing first, work with major insurances, and/or would be affordable. That was all I asked for--and imagine my surprise when I got so much more!

Both Dr Ziegler and Tetsuhiro Ueno are not only extremely accomplished, but truly, authentically care about their patients, as do the lovely receptionists. I found a sunny, warm-hearted practice filled with smiles and laughter, great flexibility when fitting in an extra appointment, and taking care of the insurance paperwork in a correct, professional way (that I had also learned not to take for granted after past experience). Another little luxurious extra is the duration of an acupuncture session, about 60 to 90 minutes, depending on specific needs, the most thorough length I had encountered in the DC and Northern VA area, with obviously much longer lasting benefits. Extraordinary, too, is the variety of alternative treatments offered: medical care, chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture, oriental medicine and nutrition all under one roof; what a great comfort to know I can go here for most any of those needs and receive the utmost care and most excellent treatment.

Knowing the demand for Dr. Ziegler on the lecture circuit, one could easily forgive him if he did just that full-time, with much less insurance paperwork and great research possibilities, yet luckily, the good Doctor truly cares about each individual patient and continues dedicating himself to serve this area with his outstanding practice where he's most needed. Hats off to you, Dr Ziegler, as well as many sincere thanks for your assistance and devotion to healing!"
       - Maren

"My son (12) had wet bedding problems for years. A doctor in Peru suggested acupuncture. I did my search on the net and I found Dr. U from the Advance Health Center, by the 2nd treatment the problem was resolved. My son's self esteem has increased. We are lucky to have found this competent doctor who knew what to do. I highly recommend acupuncture. Thank you Dr. U."

5.0 stars:-)!!  Dr Ziegler, who likes to be  called "Lou," knows his stuff when it comes to any of your chiropractic and acupuncture needs.  I have been seeing him off and on for several years and what a great difference he has made in my quality of life.  Because of Lou, I am living pain free after a car accident and believe me, that really is an incredible thing!!

The atmosphere and cleanliness of the office is excellent! The appointment schedule is very flexible and customer oriented!
I had never experienced a professional business with such a varied knowlege base in so many areas of medical care. I started initially going to AHC (Advanced Health Center) for help with weight reduction, using accupuncture and herbal tablets/teas.
During that period, I was scheduled for lower back surgery. After the surgery, I returned to AHC for physical therapy and accupuncture to enhance my recover and reduce my pain. This has proven to help me tremendously with my advancement in the recovery!
I highly reccommend AHC in all arenas of professional medical care. The staff is excellent and very professional and friendly, as are the doctors. The doctors are extemely knowledgeable in all their specialized areas of care.
If you want to feel better in life go to Advanced Health Center!

This place is the best!!!! I truly appreciate all their help. I been plagued with joint and tendon problem for years
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